Italian Design Center Ambassador


Elite italian furniture in Kyiv

Ambassador — a salon of elite Italian furniture and decorative items for living and working premises. The store offers buyers a wide range of imported furniture from Italy and other European countries. The company supplies furniture in Kiev to the best in the market of European factories:

  • Morelato
  • Bruno Zampa
  • Costantini Pietro
  • Daytona,
  • Snaidero,
  • Visionnaire,
  • Pregno
  • Pianca
  • Brigitta
  • Longhi
  • Esse
  • Volpi
  • Signorini Coco
  • Swarovski
  • Schonbek
  • Lumenarte


The goods are delivered directly from the manufacturer and undergo a full development cycle in Italy. Collections are constantly updated, so our customers always have the opportunity to buy new models from the catalogs of Italian furniture. Find the necessary furniture quickly with the help of a filter and convenient navigation of the site. Choose the type, style and factory you want, and then order what you like best. When choosing furniture in the catalog of the Ambassador website, please specify in advance whether there is a specific product available or you need to make a reservation.


Italian furniture: features and benefits

Furniture of Italian factories is an order of magnitude higher in quality and appearance than domestic furniture. This is not prejudiced, but truth-crystallized by time. Such a proposition appeared among customers not accidentally. For many years, Italian furniture manufacturers have created the best products on the market by all criteria. The secret of success is branded features that give Italian furniture many advantages among competitors:


  • Quality consumables

Italian factories have won their authority not by advertising and beautiful stories, but by the quality of their products. Close attention is paid to each stage of furniture manufacture: high-quality wood is used, expensive materials for furnish, unique reliable accessories. Thanks to this furniture will always look good, will not lose its presentation.


  • Reliable design

Italian furniture is distinguished by its durability and strength. Due to the correct calculations and responsible selection of materials, furniture will last a long time and will not fail at critical moments. In addition, the problem with transforming furniture has been solved. Sofa-bed of Italian production will never force the owner to long and painfully lay it out. Thanks to a simple mechanism, even a child can do it. In addition, the details of the mechanism do not break down and do not age.


  • Design development

Italian furniture is exclusive. Each collection designers have thought through to detail and invested in a series of furniture, special concepts and ideas. For each product, the necessary parts are specially created. Thanks to this we get elite unique furniture that you are unlikely to see from friends or acquaintances.

How to choose Italian furniture

It is often difficult for buyers to decide on the choice of furniture for a home or office. It is especially difficult to choose when you buy expensive Italian furniture. Each client wants to make a successful purchase, which is suitable for all the aesthetic criteria and cost. To do this, you need to determine the stylistic atmosphere and imagine the interior concept of the room for which you are looking for it. Then independently or with the help of consultants or designers to choose the right model.

The range of the Ambassador store features Italian furniture of various styles: classic, art deco, modern and others. Neoclassical demand is a combination of classical forms and innovative technological solutions. Also, becoming more and more actual becomes minimalism.

To create a coherent interior concept and atmosphere of the estate, designers recommend:

  • Pick up parts that fit your style, gamut, theme and mood. For example, it would be strange and senseless to look like a combination of vintage and loft elements.
  • Do not save. Quite often, small foolish fake can spoil the entire composition and noticeably cheapen the interior of the house. In addition, this will definitely affect the quality of acquisitions.
  • Do not follow the trends. Buy what you like and give you a sense of comfort, buy at Ambassador.